Personal archiving portal

Glue your photos, videos and documents from Dropbox, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook, add descriptions and make your content discoverable and visible. Use advanced analytics to track all the items and preserve your legacy.



Are your memories secured?

What makes you sure of that? Lay down a foundation for an endurable digital legacy. Legacy Sky glues them together in a two-step process. First, you need to add content repositories that you are using for the storage of your files. Legacy Sky in its current version enables support for Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Instagram, You Tube, Facebook etc. You have your repositories, but now you must integrate them in your archives. Storing and archiving? As you know, these words do not mean the same thing. The second step would be to select the directories or files and to place it into the structure of the personal fonds. During the creation of the fonds, the app will suggest the structure that was built by an archival expert. The structure is generic and suitable for personal archives, but advanced users can modify it. The app will virtually add the new content to your archive. During this process, some basic metadata from the file level will be added. Virtual brick-by-brick, you’re creating your long-lasting personal fonds.


Put forth

Now is the time to add description

Legacy Sky linked the content that you have selected. It has created archives for you by adding virtual provenance to your content. Add archival description all at once or as you go, on any level that you are dealing with, with a level of details of your choice. Tag your images using recognition tools. Legacy Sky offers a balanced level of archival description and access. Descriptions of selected units are going to be bound together in a single network that represents your archives. It will help you to retrieve your records in the future and to preserve it. The quality archival description can also make your material more discoverable and visible if you chose to offer it to the community. Will you contribute to the digital archival landscape of tomorrow? Legacy Sky is the tool for private personal archives as well as for linking your particular photos, videos, records or other content to the content already put on the Internet. It’s completely up to you.



Stay on the right track

Digital preservation is a serious issue and risks related to digital holdings are severe. Don’t let your files become corrupted, obsolete and unusable in time. There are a lot of things that could go wrong. Ok, you solved the problem with media deterioration by using cloud repository. Most likely. But, maybe you are creating files that won’t have a reader app in the future. Maybe you will just need to save your files in the next version of the same file type. The first step is to detect and list these files. Then the real preservation job starts. Act within a reasonable time frame – Legacy Sky can support your preservation activities by providing you with an advanced analytical tool and export possibility. You will be able to track all the items in your archives and to become ready. It is important to be aware of problems and to identify objects for maintenance. With Legacy Sky you are on the right track – there are a lot of things that will go right and help you to preserve your legacy.