We presented the community part of LS at the Croatian Archival Society annual conference in Osijek, Croatia

Really? Private archive creators as promoters of contemporary archiving.

The authors are questioning the notion of a creator in the light of post-custodial archival environment and the idea of a creator as an active promoter of contemporary preservation practices. Creators will become active promoters of current digital preservation tendencies if they begin archiving their digital fonds or collections. To start archiving, a creator should gain benefits from archival procedures. Besides these benefits, the creators need tools or services for digital archiving. Communities of content creators and archivists could promote the idea of digital preservation. Establishing a community requires a systematic approach through phases of setting up goals, targeting of adequate audience, creating community policies, and promotion of community. Community goals are not achievable without the proper technical support and the development of appropriate internet service. To engage archival professionals and enthusiasts in such communities, we should offer them professional benefits for their participation. Such communities are essential for the protection of digital content which is produced today and thus for forming of new digital landscapes of tomorrow.


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